Saturday, January 5, 2013

supporting my habit

As I look ahead to the spring months, I am excited about some new steps I will be taking in the garden this year.  With much work ahead, I have to get creative on how I will pay for my habit!

That's why I went here today....

A delightful experience really, with a crew of characters young and old.  I handed over a couple of small items that had been sitting in a box unused for years.  As the gruff man behind the counter was doing his inspection, I spied this mirror.  

HMMMM lovely!  And only 12 dollars!  
The whole time thinking this will match the gallery i am creating in the weeks ahead.

Some inspiration for that project...


via-Pinterest (original source unknown)

via-Shades of Gray Blog

via-Pottery Barn

  It was meant to be.  The owner handed me some cash and because people can be just plain good, he threw in the mirror for free.  Score!  I will be visiting this shop again as it had some lovely vintage pieces for a steal!

For now the cash is tucked away in a little envelope and will be used when the gates of my local nursery swing open!

Lastly, I was truly tickled today when I learned that my bedroom redo was featured on a design blog.  Thank you Kelly at Restyling Home by Kelly for making this little blog smile.  You can check it out here 

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  1. I was thinking about the cost of gardening yesterday. I am planning to retire in June and can't wait to have my garden lovely all year round and not just when I am off from school. Then I got to thinking how expensive it can get when I visit the nursery. Fortunately, a lot of my garden is planted by the birds. I have so many flowers/bushes in the garden that come out of nowhere.

    I'll be watching your blog for ideas.

  2. Love the mirror! And I like all the inspiration photos, too. I have often wanted a wall with numerous framed paintings on it, but have never been able to pull it off. Your bedroom is beautiful. That dark paint color is so romantic!

  3. SO happy to be following back!! I need to desperately include some major curb appeal this spring.. so I'm hoping to glean from you a bit!! I just joined you on Pinterest too, and LOVE LOVE LOVE some of your gardening pins!! ~Bre

  4. Hi Nicole: Wow, your bedroom redo is gorgeous, and I love all your gallery wall images! I want to do something like that in our hallway, and have started collecting interesting picture frames to paint. So nice to hear from you over at my blog, and I appreciate all your kind words! I wish you best success with your blog in 2013!


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