Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a vintage find for my little man

watching the snow from his window

Our little man loves his books!  I have been looking for a cool "something" to store them in for his room.  Today we scored!  We found this old whiskey crate that was made in Scotland.  A weathered old piece that will add a little snap to his reading nook!

This large brass platter was a great find. And when I say large I mean it was at least 2 feet high.  Though it was only 25 dollars I passed on it because the focus was on the little man.  Wouldn't it be beautiful as a wall hanging or backdrop to a vignette?!?!  I thought so too!    

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Monday, January 28, 2013

needing a feeling

To some it's just a foyer.  To me, it is where my beans sit on Christmas morning.  The stairs they will walk down in their fancy wear for a dance.  It's the entrance to our home that greets our loved ones.  I want people to feel comfortable and cozy when they step inside from our cold Chicago winters.

And with that, it needed a feeling.

 The Family Stone

 It's a Wonderful Life

{Arcadian Home}

Via-Pinterest-original source unknown

Wallpaper will be in my future one day! It is so darn lovely but budget + sticky fingers = not yet!


{Country Living}

{Spinnaker Development}

Our home is not big on square footage or rooms for that matter, so I wanted this area to live as its own room. Couple that with all of our stairs and we have a challenge!  I hope that through my process, anyone living in a corky or challenging space will see that your space is what you make it.  Ya don't need an enormous house to get that feeling!

Here we go...

Our stairs before.  We refinished our stairs by sanding and staining them.

The new banister goes in.

I totally scored and got this flush mount crystal light fixture from Lowe's.  It was only 80 bucks and adds just enough shine for this small space.

Pictures begin to go up.

I have an obsession for art and all things old.  The gallery will continue to change as new paintings are created and cool finds are found.  Some gallery inspiration here

I Still felt like there needed to be more definition and contrast for all of my art and photos.  Our walls go from BM Clay Beige to our old living room color BM Dark Storm Cloud Blue.


A little more lived in!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's Get Rocking!

Our veggies are grown on our side yard and in pots down in our pit {sunken patio...more on that space another day!}  We just don't get tons of sun with all of our trees, so this year I have decided to shake it up!

I have two major projects planned for the front garden.

The first is to create an island bed out front to soften the view of the street.  Who wants to see the street when you look out the window!  Not me...no more!  You can read more about that here

Robert Norris

I just love how these homes are tucked into the garden!


Here is my house with a rough sketch of where the island bed will be going.  I know!  Isn't that sketch hilarious!

But I can already feel how the tree/shrub {have not decided on one yet but am open to suggestions} will begin to block the view of the street.

The second project is to finish our sunny front bed with more plants and veggies.  Veggies in the front yard?  Why not?!?



List of companion plantings for veggies here

This bed is along the drive and is still in need of work. Lilies, blue-star, sedums, chrysanthemums,
, black-eyed susans, coneflowers, and two weigelas make up the space now.

With the weigelas coming out, I'm excited about the space we will have here.

I am bringing in some height in the center with grasses and tall perennials.  Bush beans will be planted on the upper north end of the bed with various herbs in the foreground.

A few plant combos for this space...

Carl Forester grass and Joe Pye Weed
via-Missiisipi State

Lady's Mantle and Catmint
via-Fiesta Farms

Ok Ok enough planning!  I'm heading into spring with my new motto!  

Stop Planning and Start Planting!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Our little bean was baptized today.  To get ready for the day, I searched around my house for materials to make a center piece.

Here is what I put together with just paper, ribbon, burlap, twigs, paint, and a vase.

On the table I picked up some hydrangeas from Trader Joe's and I actually used a curtain panel for a center runner.  Hey, you gotta use what you have!

Burlap is a great material because you can pull it apart to add things to it.  I used some of the remaining ribbon I had to string it through the burlap to create some streamers for above the table.

I'm reminded today how sweet life is!

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