Tuesday, January 8, 2013

goals and whites in 2013

This year I am thinking white.  I'm not sure why, but I keep envisioning white in my head so I'm just going to roll with it!

Last year I moved my Autumn Clematis.  It was planted behind my Amur Maple which frustrated me because I could never see it from the kitchen window.  Big mistake.  The drought fried it.

Garden goal #1 for 2013- be patient and don't rush things

So in this empty bed along the fence where we actually do get some sun,  I will be purchasing and replanting an Autumn Clematis.  I enjoy the white blooms and vigor of this vine.

Next on the list is to fill this area in.  It isn't a large bed but it could be a neat little area with stepping stones for the beans!

Garden goal #2 for 2013- try new things 

I ordered some seeds from Burpee for this bed.  I went with the White Wedding Zinnias.  An average flower to most but, their symmetry and shape always draw me in.

As I said in a previous post here I am going to take Larry Hodgson's advice and plant a fast growing annual vine to give me some show while I wait PATIENTLY for the clematis to fill in.

Garden goal #3 for 2013- use more annuals

This Moonflower should do the trick along the fence to give me some instant gratification!

More plant ideas for the space.

Japanese Anemone                      

via-Fine Gardening

White Coneflowers

                                                Longspur barrenwort, Bishop's hat

Hey, it's a start!

Garden goal #4 for 2013- go with what you like and just plant already!


  1. I can tell I will be learning a lot about gardening from you.

  2. Those are all great choices for white plants. I just put in a sweet autumn clematis last fall (it went into the spot where the poor, much-moved kiwi vine had been). I am expecting a lot from it!

    I share two of your goals --- I really need to be more patient and I do need to try more annuals. I'm making a list now of annual seeds I want, and some white plants will be on it!


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