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  1. nicole,
    I had one lesson with a local person that introduced me to oil and acrylic and told me about what equipment to use and how to clean it...etc..I hated acrylic...(dried to fast) she offered no practical technical skills all she said was practice!!.....this Dec I had a lesson with Elizabeth Floyd of DC...

    she also taught me what and how to use (her way)oils and said that "starts" were the most important thing..that I must try to paint every day and that would help me the most (she paints 6x8s.).I think I will go to a workshop in April that shes doing...she is a still life artist...I love contemporary realism .Anyway i like to paint what i see through my eyes ...Liz and i painted an apple side by side and she noticed that the way the light hit the apple is what I noticed (and focused on) in my it's just what I "see"...I paint until I please myself...haha Anyway i am interested in trying water soluble paints which are the same just have detergent to make it easy to clean up and no solvents!! A lot of people like them!! You should try them...anyway thanks again..

  2. This weekends find is not typical but it is has been a pretty good 2013 for me locally. I wasn't selling when I lived in Reno back in 1982-1985 so I don't remember what was available out that way. When I lived in Flagstaff, AZ I had a booth in a few shops there. It was a lot tougher to find good things and I actually found inventory at garage and estate sales. Prices were higher but I did find marvelous western pieces. Funny the way regions differ in where to find pieces. In the mid-west you are surrounded by auctions and estate sales and lovely shops and most very affordable. Out west, the prices are high and pickins a little slim, but if you are looking for western pieces, the prices are good and they turn over quickly. Enough of my rambling. Thank you for visiting my blog often and leaving our comments.

    Sea Witch

  3. Nicole,
    Did you know you have no-reply set as your email address? Anyway, I wanted you to see this reply I posted on my blog to your comment about Photography. I didn't know if you'd see it otherwise.

    Hi Nicole,
    You're too modest. I've seen your photos of your home's interior and it rocks!

    My daughter has a Canon Rebel T1 and she has taken beautiful pictures with it. I think I bought her a prime lens on Amazon for less than $100. I'm going to get one for myself.

    Happy Goodwill Hunting!


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  5. Look forward to your 'pit' solution.


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