Tuesday, April 23, 2013

flood updates

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind comments about our flooding situation.  It has been so uplifting to receive such kind words throughout the day as we are trying to put our home back together.

We updated our 1967 split last spring after we decided that this was where we wanted to stay.  {More about tweaking our space here} It is the first and last house that we will ever have. The thought has always been to live small and travel big with the beans.

The two areas hit were our basement and the lower level family room.  The basement housed our playroom, laundry, and my temporary studio.  Down the stairs everything is out while in the family room all of our new floors will need to be replaced.  Darn water!

In staying positive, I have begun putting together design ideas for both spaces that will protect us in the future if any water dares to pay a visit again! The carpet in the basement was here when we moved in 6 years ago but new carpet will NOT be going back in.  I found flooring for both lower levels that should last a lifetime and is also cost effective.  It is tile that is created to look like wood.  

Some white washed inspiration

 vía Real Simple

via Gardener and Marks

vis Southern Living

As the ringing of fans and dehumidifiers sound throughout the house we are very close to being dry.  

Hmmm...what have I learned from this...

1~less is best
2~nothing is permanent
3~kids are resilient 
4~my hubs rocks
5~this is our home

Have a great week friends!!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

looking for the silver lining

We woke up this morning to water pouring into our house.  It is a helpless feeling as you are scooping water up with buckets, just to watch more rush in.  Roads and schools are shut down around us due to the massive storms that have been tearing through our area since yesterday.  And with more on the way, we have had to jump into action to protect our home from further damage.

Yes it is hard to lose all of your stuff.  Hey, but that's all it is.  STUFF!  My kids are healthy and we are blessed.  Needless to say, I will be focusing on getting us cleaned up around here as we are probably going to have to take out some walls.  Who knows, maybe we will end up with something we like better when all is said and done!

I hope to be back with some serene garden photos and projects in a couple of weeks but until then, life is calling.  Peace

Praying for Boston

Sunday, April 14, 2013

the little things...a trip to the flea

 A trip to our local flea market....

vintage mason jars

the beans picking out some garden art (they went with a turtle!)

some old spools for my yarn and ribbons

the little man in heaven on a giant tractor

taking in the animals at the farm

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Etsy Please...

Mindi is an inspiring person.  She is a busy mama to 6 kiddos (yes I said 6) and she finds time to make pieces for the home and garden using mainly recycled materials.  I read Mindi's post about her "no more crumbs toaster tray" and knew I had to have one!  When I received it I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and overall design of the toaster tray.  Her work is awesome!

Her stories of how she reuses materials to make her beautiful creations will warm your heart.   You can feel her love to create through each and every one of her projects.  So it is only fitting that the name of her blog is My Love 2 Create.

 I just wish she lived closer so that we could grab a coffee and then I could have her teach me a thing or two! 

In this day and age of mass produced goods, it is always wonderful to find artisans who are making conscientious decisions in their work!  You can check out Mindi's amazing Etsy shop here

I hope you will find the time to jump on over to her blog and see what she's up to!  I have no doubt that you too will be inspired!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

thrifting, repurposing, reworking, and planting

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  We have been busy with Easter celebrations and getting back into the garden!  We actually hit the 50 degree mark for several days!  It's enough to make me sing!!

On the thrifting front, I found a couple of things at our local GoodWill last week. This battered mirror was a score because I've been looking for something narrow and long for the mantel.  I figure I can always use it in the garden if I can't get the finish the way I want it!

As for repurposing, I found this tequila box for a dollar.  It's a great size and is very sturdy for some garden extras I have lying around.

Here is the before...

And after....

 I lined the inside with pages from an old biology book I had in my library.  The outside of the box was primed, sprayed red, waxed with Annie Sloan dark wax, and sanded.  I finished it off with some chalkboard paint on the top of the box so that I can change what I want to keep inside.  My seeds have a happy new home!

Being an artist I feel as though I am surrounded by pieces that are unfinished or not quite right.  This is a painting I plan on reworking for the beans play area.  I like the composition but feel that it would read better with a lighter background on a textured surface.  I painted it on canvas but am considering using a wood board...thoughts???

We have not been able to plant much with the cold spring we are experiencing.  And with not many plants up yet (not even our tulips) my focus has been on transplanting several shrubs, getting our composting bin up and running, cutting perennials back, and planting peas.

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