Tuesday, February 24, 2015

embracing small....our edible garden plans for 2015

I'm not gonna lie.  I've been struggling with mapping out the veggies this year as I've been working very hard to embrace small plot gardening.  You'd think I'd have a grip on this by now as I have mastered (kind of) living in a 1600 square foot house with 3 kids.  The truth of it all is that my dream of having a rocking huge yard to grow every kind of fruit and vegetable possible still lingers around in my head especially when I come across gardens like this.....


Dreams aside, and life in the now brings me to what vegetables I'm going to grow this year.  I find it very overwhelming to map out what veggies I want to grow so making a visual collage always helps me stay focused when seed and plant shopping.  Here is what's going in....

Tomatoes-heirloom and cherry {cherry tomatoes in pots}
Salad {pots}
Yellow Crookneck Squash {seeds from here...Seeds Of Change}
Eggplant  {pots}
Pole Beans {over my arbor}

I will be purchasing many of my seeds this year  from
All Good Things Organic Seeds.  

Via~Mano Farm

Now to save on space many of my vegetables will be going in pots as I have listed above.  Not in the list above are all of my herbs.  They always go in containers and those include.....


Other edibles I have growing in containers are Autumn Bliss raspberries and strawberries.

The two plots I constructed for this season are each 4 by 6 feet so I will have room for my climbers in the far north bed {cucumbers and peas}.  

The Victory Gardens of the past always inspire me when dealing with my small plot.  It's amazing what you can create with a vision! 

So that's the start of the endless planning and mapping for the upcoming season...but my brain wouldn't have it any other way!  

Happy Making, Baking, and Growing Friends!

Friday, February 13, 2015

simple one potted plants for the patio....

Our little sunken in patio area is going to get some major attention this spring.  It's a small space right off the family room but I have yet to touch it.  I've been inspired by simple one potted plants for this particular space.  

Here are a couple of inspiration photos that I've been referring to when thinking about our little space.....



Simple plants I'm considering for pots in the shadier areas of the patio....

Lily of the Valley

Oxalis Fireglow
a long lasting annual here in zone 5

Let's Dance Starlight Hydrangea 
(Hydrangea macrophylla Lynn) compact

I'm sure I'll throw some hostas in the mix as I have a hosta farm on the side yard.  Cheap and free is good for me!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow! 

may there be a little more love in the world

Monday, February 2, 2015

MAKING Mondays....quick embroidery (inspired) artwork

I just have a quick one for you today!  
As I continue to create the space for my girls I have found some little tricks to help with the budget.  I recently finished using removable wallpaper to paper their whole closet.  I needed some art in the closet so I jumped over to Pinterest to find some embroidery patterns to make a little piece for their closet wall.

Most of the patterns I found were modern and simple which I find works really well for framed art in their space.  Just sketched it on some brown craft paper and re-traced it in a white paint pen.  Frame it up and there you have it!  

I will be around to visit you all soon after we get in from the snow!

Happy Making today Friends!  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

get your plant on

We woke up to this...

The snow keeps coming as the beans are busying making a family of snow people in the front garden.  I've been shaking the weight of the heavy snow off of our trees as we have lost a few branches from the storm.  

So as we dig ourselves out and wait to see if the blizzard warnings they are talking about later in the day will go into effect, I'm getting some plants on the list for spring.

Lucky Charm Windflower
This Anemone is more compact then other Anemones for part shade.

Black Truffle Cardinal Flower
This perennial has dramatic dark chocolate foliage that will make a nice contrast for some of the sunny spots in my garden.

Forever Pink Phlox
I'm looking forward to getting some of these in my space as they are a variety known for no mildew as well as being compact.  Blooms from June to October.

Ruby Slippers Oak-Leaved Hydrangea
A compact selection for my small garden with amazing foliage.

via-George Weigel

I'm off to knock more snow off the limbs of my trees and shrubs!  Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Happy Making, Baking, and Growing!