Thursday, October 31, 2013

scattered art

Sometimes I feel a bit scattered artistically.  I have so many thoughts and ideas of what I want to do and make that I get overwhelmed.  I chalk it up to lack of time!  Whatever the reason, I knew it was time to pull out my paints today.  It is one of the only things (besides digging in the dirt) that makes my brain completely shut off.  Which is worth more than gold when caring for a house full of beans.  No brush today, just my palette knife....

Our bowl of candy and pumpkins are set up by the door on this rainy Halloween day!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Monday, October 28, 2013

a bedroom makeover for the girls

I am in the process of designing a new space for my bean girls.  It's a project that's going to take months as budget and time are major factors. I've started a few little projects and hope to keep myself on track through my posts.  Somewhere along the way this space went from a nursery, to a hodge podge of stuff as we've transitioned from baby to kid.

When bean baby makes her way into this room, her bed will flank the other side of the window.  My sister inherited my grandparents' beds, and because she is wonderful, has graciously passed them down to my girls.

Things that work...

 This chair was my Great Aunt Helens.  It needs a fresh coat of paint and new fabric for the cushion.

 A great cuddle up chair!

My hope is to create something classic and collected.   Here are some interiors that I'm drawn to for their space....

Source unknown

To do list...
~remove fan and replace with a unique fixture
~add drawers to the closet for needed storage
~paint spruce up
~thrift for benches for the foot of each bed
~make art for above beds
~add a gallery area for the girls
~refinish chair

Scary closet...

 I hope to upgrade the closet with drawers like this one....

via-Closet Creations

 It is important that I have an area for the girls to feature their work...

Our current color is BM "silken pine"  

Paint ideas for the new space...

I have accomplished a few things.  Shelves came down today and the table that I bought at a garage sale for 10 bucks that looked like this...

got several coats of Annie Sloan "Old White" and is now in place in their room...
{I shopped our house to decorate their new table..and the beans favorite books are on the bottom shelf}

 And that's a wrap!
   Happy week to everyone!!!

partying here...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

a collection

I'm starting a new blog series called collections.   A collection of my photos that have no specific category but mean something to me for one reason or another.  I search for these little bits of beauty everyday.  Even when the house is covered in splattered food and the beans are running circles around me.  They are things that plain and simple make me happy. 

 Here is my collection....

sampling with mom

a cozy cottage

a flat tray garden

 my new pot for the garden

 our street beginning to show its colors

  rusted planters for the garden room

 my last bloom
hens-and-chicks in the kitchen

my practice isn't much but I am teaching myself when the beans go to sleep
my hope is to one day participate with Wendy from September Violets in sending squares to LILY to  be made into blankets for Syrian Refugees 

Happy making, baking, and growing friends!
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

a gardener's heaven

I saw a little piece of heaven today.  Thank you to my garden pal Sue for telling me about this event.  The gentleman that owns this garden came here from Italy with his brothers and they opened the Como Inn in Chicago.  When they sold that property he settled here with his partner.  His estate is now for sale as he is moving back to Italy.  Most of the items for sale are garden related.  Gorgeous Italian pots and tiles.  Art pieces and even plants. The garden is breath taking.  His use of grasses is stunning as are the large urns and pots that are nestled into the beds.