Thursday, July 16, 2015

signing back in....

Hi folks!  I've been away from blogging for a bit this month and have really missed it.  I was taking some time to be still and focus on not doing anything if that makes any sense.  It's funny how during my everyday doings my thoughts would drift off to all of you here!

The garden is really full now.  I'm enjoying slowly walking through it and picking weeds here and there.  No planting goes on for me in July except for annuals.  There is always the constant moving of pots to fill in where things have fallen flat and trimming back where things look overgrown.

My old milk crate for the garden gate.

 Our first monarch in the garden enjoying the milkweed!!!  

And now some exciting news to share....I'm one of 5 finalist in the Amateur Small Garden design contest over at Gardenista. 

The winner will be chosen by the public vote.  People can vote once a day until August 15th HERE.  If you click on Amateur Small Garden you can vote for my photo...

Thanks friends!  
I will be around to see you all soon!  Hope the season is treating you well!!!