Tuesday, October 16, 2012

going dark

We knew that when we made the decision to stay in our home we would forever have a small master bedroom.

So the mister and I thought, why not have fun with the space!  We are not done by any means but we have made some major changes.

First up...find a new home for our bedroom set.  We were sad to part with it for many reasons, but after moving here from our condo we couldn't even fit all of the pieces in the room.  They were literally spread throughout the house and when you have a small home you have to minimize!   I am happy to say we found it a good home!

Next step...rock out the color.  Who says you can't have fun with color in a small space???  I tend to just roll with things I like.

That is why......we went DARK!


This is not the best picture but you get the idea!


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  1. bed-West Elm
  2. paint-Benjamin Moore..Hale Navy
  3. Side tables and lamps-Pottery Barn
  4. Art above bed-Home Goods

Monday, October 15, 2012

my friend Mel

My friend Mel lives down the street from me.  We enjoy doing mom things together with our kiddos as well as chatting about new projects we are undertaking (she rocks with power tools!).  When she asked me for help with her front bed, I was all over it!

What I like about Mel's home is that it has some characteristics of a California bungalow though we live in the midwest.  They have great ornamental shrubs as well as a stunning Japanese Maple that is a focal point of her front yard garden.

With the plan Mel moved and spaced out the yews under the window.  

The center of the bed is shade while the area around the tree gets sun.  Mel knew she wanted Japanese Forest Grass in the mix and color was important to her too.  

Plants that we started with....

 Purple Moor Grass to the right of the tree

 Catmint around the tree

 Variegated Knotweed or Coreopsis "Moonbeam" to the right of the Catmint

 Japanese Forest Grass in the front bed

When we went to the nursery, Mel selected 3 different types of Coral Bells in dark purple hues to intermix with the Japanese Forest Grass.

She has been busy planting....more to come!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

the nursery

My goal was to make all of the art for the nursery as well as repurpose accessories to pull it all together.  I am happy to say that the job is done!  

created tie backs for her curtains out of my grandmother's old buttons

wrap inspiration fabric over mats to create a pop of color in framed poetry art

hang leaf art that I made 

paint mom's childhood shelf with Chalk paint to give it new life

make large paper flowers for over the crib

The flowers were easy and cheap to make...
  1. Take a large piece of poster board and draw any size/shape of flower on the poster board.
  2. Find paper that you love.  I used sheets of colored paper as well as pages from an old book.
  3. Cut the paper into strips.
  4.  Flip the poster board over and apply strips to the back side of the poster board (the side without the drawing)  with Mod Podge.
  5. Let dry and then cut out your flower.
  6. I bent my leaves when they were dry and stuck them to the wall with Command strips.

I was able to reuse bedding I had from my oldest daughter.  A blanket over our rocker made by my mother-in-law, adds to the handmade feeling I was after in her room. It was fun going around the house to find baskets and little trinkets to finish off the room.

My sweet hubby took out the 1980's fan today and installed the Alang ceiling light from Ikea.  It was only 30 bucks!  

--This room is north facing so it is a darker room.  We went with a lighter wall color---Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue....More pics to come....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

playing it safe in the front yard

I have been playing it safe in the front yard.  Actually, many people play it safe.  It is typical for people to plant a couple of foundation plants up against their home and finish off their landscape with maybe a tree or two.  By pulling the garden down through the front yard, you create a "scene" from your house and from the street.  So many opportunities are lost in the front yard.  I began thinking about this topic when I would look out my front window and see the cars driving by on my street.  I told myself that I could do more to create something beautiful between the street and my home.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy more plants!!!

I purchased this book by Marty Wingate and have enjoyed learning about various ways to create that "peaceful retreat" in both the front and back yard.


I always need a starting point with any design.  In my garden, I look to what I need first.  This helps me launch my design.  In the spring I will be looking for a small tree or shrub that will be planted in lines eye view from my living room window. It will exist in an island bed with small shrubs and perennials close to the sidewalk.

Some options-dwarf crab apple or crape myrtle 

Front yard designs that rock....



Robert Norris