Tuesday, October 16, 2012

going dark

We knew that when we made the decision to stay in our home we would forever have a small master bedroom.

So the mister and I thought, why not have fun with the space!  We are not done by any means but we have made some major changes.

First up...find a new home for our bedroom set.  We were sad to part with it for many reasons, but after moving here from our condo we couldn't even fit all of the pieces in the room.  They were literally spread throughout the house and when you have a small home you have to minimize!   I am happy to say we found it a good home!

Next step...rock out the color.  Who says you can't have fun with color in a small space???  I tend to just roll with things I like.

That is why......we went DARK!


This is not the best picture but you get the idea!


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  1. bed-West Elm
  2. paint-Benjamin Moore..Hale Navy
  3. Side tables and lamps-Pottery Barn
  4. Art above bed-Home Goods


  1. I really like the dark colour. Great chioce, after all you spend most of your time in the room at night so something interesting in artificial light is perfect. Christina

  2. Love the color choices. I like darker colors too!

  3. Good for you! You have proven that it pays to be brave with color. Your bedroom looks terrific! I think that you did the right thing to go light with the linens and I love the accent cushions and artwork. The Pottery Barn lamps are one of my favourite things in the room.

  4. Looks stunning - dark walls are a great way to treat a small space - it looks bold & dramatic!


  5. it is GORGEOUS. And the best thing is that you have some great natural light in there. We started with a dark brown in our room - big mistake since it was terribly dark. Has since been fixed. Still not as lovely as yours though!

  6. So beautiful! I love Hale Navy!!

  7. that looks so calming and relaxing. good for you for going dark...i have yet to do so, but this is reaaaaallly good!

  8. Love it! Thank you so much for visiting my party!


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