Monday, October 15, 2012

my friend Mel

My friend Mel lives down the street from me.  We enjoy doing mom things together with our kiddos as well as chatting about new projects we are undertaking (she rocks with power tools!).  When she asked me for help with her front bed, I was all over it!

What I like about Mel's home is that it has some characteristics of a California bungalow though we live in the midwest.  They have great ornamental shrubs as well as a stunning Japanese Maple that is a focal point of her front yard garden.

With the plan Mel moved and spaced out the yews under the window.  

The center of the bed is shade while the area around the tree gets sun.  Mel knew she wanted Japanese Forest Grass in the mix and color was important to her too.  

Plants that we started with....

 Purple Moor Grass to the right of the tree

 Catmint around the tree

 Variegated Knotweed or Coreopsis "Moonbeam" to the right of the Catmint

 Japanese Forest Grass in the front bed

When we went to the nursery, Mel selected 3 different types of Coral Bells in dark purple hues to intermix with the Japanese Forest Grass.

She has been busy planting....more to come!


  1. Great additions! Your garden sketching style looks just like mine, actually. Hope the garden works out for you both.

    1. Thanks Lady! She has worked very hard on planting everything and the color combo of the greens and purples is striking in front of her house.

  2. great plan!!! her house looks awesome.


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