Friday, August 31, 2012

collected spaces

Design is everywhere.  I love reading about plants and gaining knowledge about how to become a better gardener.  The interior of the home is just as important to me.  What surrounds us in our home fuels our creative energy.  As in the garden,  I enjoy looking at interior spaces that are collected and tell a story.  I cherish the little pieces in my home that have been passed down to me from my grandma because they remind me of what a strong woman my grandmother was.  Her gardens like her home told a story.

our living daughter's framed artwork

Our bookcase with grandma's teacup and gold leafed mirror.  My great-aunt's silverware box from the 1930's.

Below are some interior spaces that I like.....

John Derian's home via Bon Appetit

via BHG

via Courtney Bishop

And one to read.....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday digging

1.  define bed around Pin Oak on the side yard


After-hostas are going 

2. transplant Dogwood Tree to the side yard 

3.  plant Snowball Viburnum shrubs on side from my garden buddy next door

4.  finish one fall container-Purple Fountain Grass, Coleus, Sweet potato vine

5.  plant Barrenwort and 'Gold Zebra' Coral Bells along path in the front yard garden

6.  assess garden casualties 

Beard Tongue

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the spare room spruce up

Time to spruce up the spare room for bean #3.   She will be in this space until she is old enough to bunk up with her sis. 

What we need is ART! 

Below is some inspiration I picked up today.  I plan on creating a gallery wall for her.  

The Challenge:  Create 4 to 5 pieces for the wall with 75 dollars 

Piece number one.....  

Leaves on Canvas

Thursday, August 9, 2012

fall containers

I know I am jumping the gun here, but after enjoying a cool day today my mind could not help but wander to some fall container ideas.  Coleus seems to be a general theme for me this year.

Coleus love from Zoey's blog

via GardenWeb

via Sunset
vía Midwest Living
via Midwest Living
via Dirt Simple

Monday, August 6, 2012

quick combo

Limelight Hydrangea and SilkTassels Morrow's Sedge

More plant combinations to come this season!

featured at...Cottage and Vine