Thursday, August 9, 2012

fall containers

I know I am jumping the gun here, but after enjoying a cool day today my mind could not help but wander to some fall container ideas.  Coleus seems to be a general theme for me this year.

Coleus love from Zoey's blog

via GardenWeb

via Sunset
vía Midwest Living
via Midwest Living
via Dirt Simple


  1. ooh, I love that first one! I must say, I really wanted to enjoy this summer and work the garden like i resolved to, but it's gone by so fast, it's practically over and i've been outside working a handful of times (and it shows!)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I do love coleus, especially the new more solid colors. Thanks for stopping by and featuring my container. I am now following your blog.

  3. I give up on containers when summer has turned mine into tired maintenance traps. This is inspiring --- I need to think about freshening up for a whole new season, and do it now, while the summer containers fade, not deep into fall when the only choices are pots of mums. Great ideas here.

  4. These are all great container ideas. After admiring coleus in several gardens last summer, I planted a few plants this spring. I am so thrilled with them that I want more coleus next year for sure.
    I have a metal urn that is identical to the one in one of your photo inspirations. I like the color of the urn in the image and now I am contemplating updating mine.

  5. I love the container, they really read Fall. It is nice when homeowners don't forget about this colorful season.


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