Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Like I said before, when we moved here there was a bed in the back lined with rocks.  Through the years I have found some uses for them....give them to gardening friends, use them for a sloped rock garden, and pile the rest in the side bed waiting for inspiration to hit me in the head.   So I write this with great satisfaction that I have finally figured out what to do with them!

While finishing the dishes and staring out the window at our Douglas Fir (a corner that never sat right with me)  I finally saw it.  A line or a trail if you will in the soil between the Douglas Fir and the Viburnum.  Ah yes! A dry stream bed and a purpose for all my rocks!   

The digging begins!  In the spring I hope to purchase a load of stones for the bottom of the dry stream bed.  I will also be adding and transferring plants here from my rock garden come spring.

I have small to medium rocks so I plan on grouping them together to try and get the look of big rocks along both sides of the stream.

Good excuse to head to the fall plant sale at our local Arboretum!

My daughter wanted to push our plants all by herself. 
She knows her stuff! 
Japanese Forest Grass, Beautyberry, and Amsonia

I can finally start adding plants now that I know what I am doing!
Japanese Forest Grass

My sweet Beautyberry!  A  little sprig from a larger plant...can't wait for it to grow!

I have much to do!

Some lovely examples
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

perennial combinations on my mind

There are many perennials that I will have to move next year due to reworking our space for a patio.  Our side yard that is south facing is another story.  We have much to do there and thinking about it makes my head spin.  I am thankful that we do get a bit of sun there which allows me to grow some sun loving perennials.  Here are some of my ramblings for combinations...
This garden is massive but has so many fantastic components.  I thoroughly enjoy the colors and forms of this space.  Eupatorium which is the tall pink plant in the background.  Russian Sage in the front border.  The annual Verbena Bonariensis and Sedum. (via yahoo-Kilmalu Gardens)

Pink Bee Balm.  I will be moving this to the side yard from my rock garden. It will get better sun exposure and will be a nice backdrop for the garden.  Purple Lavender and Yellow Yarrow.  I like the color combination of these three. 
(via BHG)

I have said it before...I need to work on my plant spacing among many other things.  The Geraniums that I currently have are being overcrowded. They are number one on the list for relocation next year.  Here is an example of Geranium, Veronica (have not always had the best luck with but love)  and Penstemon. 
(via-gottagarden from Village Garden Web)

Friday, September 9, 2011

the barn out back

My dear friend came to visit after we moved in to our home. She is a true city girl with an enormous amount of whit. When we went outside to sit and chat the first thing out of her mouth was, "Wow Nic, you have a barn."  With a chuckle I agreed.  Now if it was a real barn that would be one thing but it is our shed that is meant to look like a barn.  There are many animals living beneath it due to it not being built on a slab.  A scary place really, if you are brave enough to go inside. 

Here is our shed..I planted an Amur Maple so the "barn" is tucked away.  I also try to soften the edges with potted annuals.

Below is inspiration of potting sheds that I have collected in hopes that one day I will have a space to work as I continue learning as a gardener. 

pictures via-Pinterest and BHG

This is very similar to my neighbors potting shed/greenhouse.  It is south facing and is part potting shed with windows for a bit of greenhouse.  Brilliant for the area I live in and my personal favorite.

This book by Debra Prinzing has some fun ideas about creating a space built around your needs
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drip Drip......Drip

It has been several months since the ceiling in our lower level family room began to leak from the upstairs bathroom.  Our 1968 split has shared its bit of trials with us over the past 4 and a half years but, as determined homeowners we refuse to give up!  The funny thing about some older homes are all the "remedies" previous homeowners use to tackle outstanding problems.  Take our bathroom for example...leaky toilet from long ago which was covered up by layers of flooring....which in turn rotted the floor joists and caused some serious worry that when bathing the kids we may just fall through the floor.  

Yep this bathroom was indeed...Jimmy rigged!

Here are pics of our old bathroom and a bit of the process.
We were able to donate mirrors and fixtures while keeping the existing tub and lighting.

YEAH!  New floor laid down!

We bought everything at Lowe's for the remodel.

Love hooks...

Thank goodness for a handy dad and an amazing brother who built this space!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

end of week garden inspiration

Every night when I rock my son to sleep I am reminded of how much I love the silhouettes of trees.  I look forward to this peaceful time of tree tops and sky when looking out his window.  All is quiet and still while the trees tell their own story and transport us through their simplicity.  

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