Friday, September 9, 2011

the barn out back

My dear friend came to visit after we moved in to our home. She is a true city girl with an enormous amount of whit. When we went outside to sit and chat the first thing out of her mouth was, "Wow Nic, you have a barn."  With a chuckle I agreed.  Now if it was a real barn that would be one thing but it is our shed that is meant to look like a barn.  There are many animals living beneath it due to it not being built on a slab.  A scary place really, if you are brave enough to go inside. 

Here is our shed..I planted an Amur Maple so the "barn" is tucked away.  I also try to soften the edges with potted annuals.

Below is inspiration of potting sheds that I have collected in hopes that one day I will have a space to work as I continue learning as a gardener. 

pictures via-Pinterest and BHG

This is very similar to my neighbors potting shed/greenhouse.  It is south facing and is part potting shed with windows for a bit of greenhouse.  Brilliant for the area I live in and my personal favorite.

This book by Debra Prinzing has some fun ideas about creating a space built around your needs
picture via-Amazon


  1. Those are some cool sheds. Looks like you've been collecting shed images for some time. I love the rose covered option. Looks like 'New Dawn'.

  2. Hey Patrick! I like that one as well! It is beautiful...I keep all of my pictures in a to dream!

  3. I do have a barn, but my dream is to have a garden shed...and a greenhouse one day. I like the way you've "softened" your shed with the maple and potted annuals.

  4. I am sooooo with you on the garden shed...I don't have the space for a greenhouse but when you get yours...send me pictures!

  5. Great inspiration! We have a scary shed to full of mice and other creatures in winter. One day soon I hope to have something better.

  6. Love your blog Jennifer and your gardens! Beautiful!

  7. Wow! Great pictures! I really enjoy reading your blog! Congratulations on it!


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