Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drip Drip......Drip

It has been several months since the ceiling in our lower level family room began to leak from the upstairs bathroom.  Our 1968 split has shared its bit of trials with us over the past 4 and a half years but, as determined homeowners we refuse to give up!  The funny thing about some older homes are all the "remedies" previous homeowners use to tackle outstanding problems.  Take our bathroom for example...leaky toilet from long ago which was covered up by layers of flooring....which in turn rotted the floor joists and caused some serious worry that when bathing the kids we may just fall through the floor.  

Yep this bathroom was indeed...Jimmy rigged!

Here are pics of our old bathroom and a bit of the process.
We were able to donate mirrors and fixtures while keeping the existing tub and lighting.

YEAH!  New floor laid down!

We bought everything at Lowe's for the remodel.

Love hooks...

Thank goodness for a handy dad and an amazing brother who built this space!


  1. wow, that is really stunning!! It's so bright and clean I love it. The tile is great and the paint color is really gorgeous. Love it.

  2. A beautiful re-do, Nicole! How nice to have such a capable Dad and brother to help you out.

    I chuckled at the comment about an "older home," as I've heard this from repairmen here several times. We also live in a house built in '68 or '69, but considering our previous house was over 100 years old, this one seems new to me:)

  3. Too funny! A house over 100 years old is an amazing thing!

  4. Dear Nicole, Love your remodeled bathroom! Our house was built in 1850, and we completely remodeled about 10 years ago, so I know something of what you went through. P. x

  5. Thanks Wendy! And wow Pam...your house has a story to tell..1850...amazing!


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