Wednesday, September 14, 2011

perennial combinations on my mind

There are many perennials that I will have to move next year due to reworking our space for a patio.  Our side yard that is south facing is another story.  We have much to do there and thinking about it makes my head spin.  I am thankful that we do get a bit of sun there which allows me to grow some sun loving perennials.  Here are some of my ramblings for combinations...
This garden is massive but has so many fantastic components.  I thoroughly enjoy the colors and forms of this space.  Eupatorium which is the tall pink plant in the background.  Russian Sage in the front border.  The annual Verbena Bonariensis and Sedum. (via yahoo-Kilmalu Gardens)

Pink Bee Balm.  I will be moving this to the side yard from my rock garden. It will get better sun exposure and will be a nice backdrop for the garden.  Purple Lavender and Yellow Yarrow.  I like the color combination of these three. 
(via BHG)

I have said it before...I need to work on my plant spacing among many other things.  The Geraniums that I currently have are being overcrowded. They are number one on the list for relocation next year.  Here is an example of Geranium, Veronica (have not always had the best luck with but love)  and Penstemon. 
(via-gottagarden from Village Garden Web)


  1. You have a lovely. I really like the top shot. There's nothing like that verbena to tie everything together with its whispyness. Glad I stopped by.

  2. I have been gardening for years and and I still over crowd things. It is hard when planting to fully imagine the fully grown plant, tree or shrub. I like the combinations you show here. Pink, purple and blue are my favourite base colors to use in combinations with other colors.

  3. Nicole, how nice to meet you; thank you for the kind comment over at my blog. I do the same things as you did in your post, research and look at garden photos and garden books to get an idea of what I want to plant and change around here. I love your post on sheds and your barn, too. There's some beauties in your pictures and your current barn is adorable!

  4. Found you through another blog. Love your garden designs. Spring here now and just waiting for my irises to bloom.


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