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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm getting heavy....

Ok folks, I'm getting heavy in this post.  As I continue to educate myself on GMO's in our food supply, I can not sit back any longer and remain silent.  As a mother I want the best for my kids, as does EVERY other mom that I know.  And that means knowing what is in our food.  

Most of my readers are Earth conscious people that I admire for their beliefs and their love for the environment.  Unfortunately, here in the US we are in the midst of something very frightening that stands to not only threaten our environment, but the health of our family and friends.  Major corporations are using harmful pesticides that are altering our crops and killing our bees....

what's killing our bees

As a mother to a little boy who has many food allergies, I am blown away that there are not more people connecting the dots between these practices and the growing number of children inflicted with food sensitivities.


If there is another march I will walk. I will walk for ethical practices when it comes to our food supply.

Join the movement....Food Democracy Now

Non GMO brands....HERE

At Realfarmacy.com they gave a list of brands to be aware of....

Education is power.  And with it I believe that we can change the course we're on!  Peace!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

side yard SOS

The kitchen table is where it happens.  The stories, the laughter, and the memories.  Which would explain my frustration with this.....

One of our main windows looks out on to our south facing side yard.  We pretty much look at our neighbor's house.  And yes that is our air conditioning unit too!  As I have said before, when you live in the burbs you have to deal with the "suburban circumstances!"

  The patch to the left is our neighbor's and we are to the right.

The jungle is part of our veggie crop.  Tomatoes, peppers and carrots.

The idea is to create our own little secret garden that leads you to our garden gate.  I would like to take advantage of this sunny spot for more flowers.  And I have promised my 3 year old that our secret garden will have butterflies! 

So with the three beans in tow today, we hit the nursery for some Captain Yews to act as a screening for the side yard.  Might I add that loading 3 small children in a minivan with 3 medium sized trees and a stroller is just hilarious!  I now know that I can do anything!


 I won't bore you with my list of to do's here, but much of the transplanting has already begun thanks to J taking the beans to the park so that I could get digging!

Some lovely inspiration to push me along and to remind me to be patient!

 via-Fine Gardening

 source unknown




It is going to take time to transform this space, but I am up for the challenge and ready to hit it!  
Wish me luck!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

taking it slow

I have been taking things a bit slower these last couple of weeks as I have been getting over being sick.  Making myself go to bed early and taking things slow have helped me get my energy back for the most part.  I want to apologize if I have missed any of your posts...I'm finally getting my groove back!  

Every summer I host a party for my girlfriends.  We laugh, eat, and laugh some more!  We are all over the place in life.  Some are in the city and others of us are in the burbs.  Working, stay-at-home moms, and the list goes on.  It feels really good to reconnect with my friends. And I always try to make it special when they come here because they are so important to me.  This year I used jars to decorate and stayed with white flowers for the table.  Lilies, snapdragons and bottles wrapped with twine.

 For some extra lighting I hung mason jars with clear stones and placed one round LED light inside for a soft glow. 

 I visited a new nursery today that I read about in the local Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. In keeping with the "taking it slow" theme, here are some pretty plants on my stroll through

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Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

some summer things

Nothing better than telling the beans to go outside and pick their own vegetables for lunch.  Makes me feel good as a mama to watch their little feet hit the floor running to see who can pick theirs first!

You may remember our barn...

The barn got freshened up with a couple coats of paint and the clematis "Victor Hugo" is now climbing my homemade coat hanger trellis.  

A new addition is making me sing and go figure it's orange!  Butterfly weed paired with Blazing star in the front sun garden.  

Hemlocks, Blackhaws, Green Mountain Boxwoods, Rose of Sharon and Little Princess Spireas filling in along the patio.

And this guy!  
Loving his watermelon!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

and the giveaway goes to......

Congrats to the creative Beth at Mossberry Cottage!!! The traveling book and Arbonne goodies are coming your way!!!  Thanks to everyone for leaving such lovely comments on the giveaway!  I hope to do another Arbonne giveaway soon to support my pal Kim and to pamper you all with some natural goodness!!! Have an outstanding week where ever you are!!!! 


Thursday, July 4, 2013

a formal start

I'm not formal.  Nope.  On a typical day you'll find me with holes in my jeans, cuffed at the ankles so I can dig around in the dirt, one handed, with a baby on my hip.  Which is why it is so ironic that I am drawn to formal gardens. 

Now don't get me wrong, I do love the areas of my garden that are free flowing like these...


This quote about sums me up when it comes to garden design!  I plan on naming the different areas of my garden thanks to Laurrie at My Weeds Are Very Sorry and her fantastic post about garden names.  

The center bed has been changing ever since I planted a wall of privacy shrubs.  It has now evolved into a space fit for my small formal garden.

Shrubs filling in and hostas to be moved...

bed pulled out...

a start of a grouping that failed due to conditions and squirrels...

and today we are making some progress...

Ok, so it's a start!  The bed basically consists of Hydrangeas, foam flowers, New Guinea Sun Impatiens, and English ivy as a filler for this year.  I would like to add boxwood down the center leaving some space in between for plantings.  A larger focal point is key for the center of the bed but I'm waiting to find that special piece.  I will be adding several more plant varieties to this tricky space of shade and afternoon sun.  Overall, the goal is symmetry with a bit of whimsy! 

Looking to some inspiration....

I have admired the gardens of Craig Bergmann for some time now.  He is a Chicago based designer who also owns a 25 acre nursery.  In the latest issue of Michigan Avenue, Bergmann stresses his love of the seasons and says, "If you don't listen to the site, the site comes back and bites you in the butt."  Other designers refer to him as a "purist" who pays homage to the land. His work ranges from English gardens to green roofs.  

Craig Bergmann's work inspires me to push beyond the expected and to create a space that has depth through the use of formal and informal elements.