Friday, August 31, 2012

collected spaces

Design is everywhere.  I love reading about plants and gaining knowledge about how to become a better gardener.  The interior of the home is just as important to me.  What surrounds us in our home fuels our creative energy.  As in the garden,  I enjoy looking at interior spaces that are collected and tell a story.  I cherish the little pieces in my home that have been passed down to me from my grandma because they remind me of what a strong woman my grandmother was.  Her gardens like her home told a story.

our living daughter's framed artwork

Our bookcase with grandma's teacup and gold leafed mirror.  My great-aunt's silverware box from the 1930's.

Below are some interior spaces that I like.....

John Derian's home via Bon Appetit

via BHG

via Courtney Bishop

And one to read.....

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  1. ooh, your home is so much lovelier than any of those photos!!


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