Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's Get Rocking!

Our veggies are grown on our side yard and in pots down in our pit {sunken patio...more on that space another day!}  We just don't get tons of sun with all of our trees, so this year I have decided to shake it up!

I have two major projects planned for the front garden.

The first is to create an island bed out front to soften the view of the street.  Who wants to see the street when you look out the window!  Not more!  You can read more about that here

Robert Norris

I just love how these homes are tucked into the garden!

Here is my house with a rough sketch of where the island bed will be going.  I know!  Isn't that sketch hilarious!

But I can already feel how the tree/shrub {have not decided on one yet but am open to suggestions} will begin to block the view of the street.

The second project is to finish our sunny front bed with more plants and veggies.  Veggies in the front yard?  Why not?!?


List of companion plantings for veggies here

This bed is along the drive and is still in need of work. Lilies, blue-star, sedums, chrysanthemums,
, black-eyed susans, coneflowers, and two weigelas make up the space now.

With the weigelas coming out, I'm excited about the space we will have here.

I am bringing in some height in the center with grasses and tall perennials.  Bush beans will be planted on the upper north end of the bed with various herbs in the foreground.

A few plant combos for this space...

Carl Forester grass and Joe Pye Weed
via-Missiisipi State

Lady's Mantle and Catmint
via-Fiesta Farms

Ok Ok enough planning!  I'm heading into spring with my new motto!  

Stop Planning and Start Planting!

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  1. I feel like such a novice ( and I am ) reading about all the plants you plan to use. I don't know many names and I probably plant all the wrong things. I am retiring in June and my first goal is a veggie garden in the back and to CLEAN UP my jungle. It is so hard to work all summer and have the garden beautiful and then have no time for it. Things will change and I will get my gardening tips from you.

    1. I have much to learn too! I figure by the time my beans are in school I will at least have the beds where I want them! Ha! I look forward to seeing you dive into your garden...and good for you on your retirement!

  2. It looks like you have a great foundation to plant upon. And you have picked out some lovely plants. Good luck!

  3. I Love your sketch! I need to stop planning and start planting too. I have a jungle of a vege patch that badly needs some TLC. I'm blaming the heat, it has just been too hot.

    1. You have to fill me in on the weather by you. I'm so excited to learn more about your part of the world!!!

  4. Hello! I am your newest follower...and happy to be! I love your blog and would like to invite you to stop in and share your pretty garden posts on my weekly flaunting party. I hope to see you there! for more information, the post is up right now for this weekend...or you can see the guidelines in the menu bar under the header pic.
    again...wonderful blog new friend...I am glad to have found you!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Looking forward to following along with you!!!

  5. I lOve all of it!!! Cant wait to see it done!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Why not, indeed (and I love the drawing of your new flower bed). They grow kale out here, in the decorative garden beds...I think veggies in your front yard would be fabulous! Happy Saturday - Tanya

  7. Absolutely veggies in the front garden. We have a garden tour here in May and then a veggie garden tour in July. The veggie tour is just as pretty as the first in my opinion. Thanks for giving some thought to my little project.

  8. I like your plans. Your inspiration pics are beautiful, and I grow veggies in my front yard, too. Plus, I like your motto! I need to remember that this year!

  9. Ah yes, the incredible shrinking lawn. I know it well. Little by little, the dirt takes over. We have no grass left at all in our front yard. Or the parking strip.
    I'll take that first house by the way.

  10. I grow some vegetables in my front yard as well, although there tucked behind a crabapple tree. If you're looking at tall grasses, consider switchgrass (Panicum). Many great varieties, very upright but with lovely airy seedheads. Also for shorter grasses, northern dropseed is very nice.

  11. I love your ideas. I've been veggie gardening in my front yard for several years. Tore out all the shrubs along the front of the house and built raised beds (not very raised but at least in a box). We have too much shade also but some veggies to very well out there.

  12. I want to do an overhaul on some of our beds this year too! I also want to do a vegetable garden again. (it's been a few years!) Thanks for the inspiration. :) (I love your little artistic drawing, btw! ;) )
    Hope you had a good weekend!!

  13. Yes, veggies in the front yard! I have seen it done before beautifully! I remember seeing some beautiful ornamental lettuce growing once along the walkway of a home-- and it was wonderful!!! Visiting from GYB party-- and now you have a new follower.

  14. You have a lovely home!!! I can already tell you'll be my "go to" gardening blog! I agree, why not plant veggies in the front yard! We have some wild pumpkin growing at the moment and I'm about to plant some rosemary there. I have to wait until the end of next month before really digging into the garden. :)

    I say go with a tree in the front yard... Something that will grow strong along with your family. :)


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