Sunday, July 22, 2012

the reno part 1....

We have been in love with this house ever since we bought it almost 6 years ago.  With the birth of our 2 sweet beans and one more on the way we needed to do some hard thinking!

Should we stay or go???

We thought and thought and thought about our options and though this corky little house is by no means the biggest or easiest of floor plans we just could not say good-bye to it!

So comes ripping out walls, floors, ceiling, and windows to update our 1967 split to fit our growing needs and fam!    

Typical floor room opens to dining room.  The space solution for upstairs...make one big open concept living space.

Old dining room with my paint swatch art  on the walls.

Little door that leads to kitchen.

Another view of living room and front hall...excuse the was just about demo day.

Stairs to upstairs and stairs leading to downstairs family room.

Our lower level family room.  

Our lower level family room...The space up the wall to the basement so that we can see the kids playing.  Next add a mini mud-room in the existing nook between the basement and bathroom doors because this level is our garage access.    

And so it begins....

First floor opened up!  Holy Cow!

This is our new kitchen space.

Wall opened to the basement play area.

Front hall getting a face lift....

To be continued......


  1. Nicole, can't wait to follow your process! Glad you found me so I could find u!

  2. Ooh...this looks fun! Has loads of potential!


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