Wednesday, July 18, 2012

little details....vignettes and trays

I enjoy bringing my own artwork in to our home as much as I can.  Simple sketches can add nice backdrops for vignettes or wall groupings.  

I am drawn to organic images...i often sketch from what I see in nature.  

If your not up for sketching go to the library and check out some art history books.  Picasso and Cezzane are some good options.  Bring them to your local Kinko's or Staples and make an enlarged copy to frame. Just find something you dig and use your resources so you are not spending a fortune! 

Etsy also has some great priced sketches. Above is a fantastic example from the shop carambas ....check it out!

Some eye candy.......

examples via Pinterest and DecorPad

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  1. I have always felt a bit awkward with a paint brush in hand, but give me a pencil and I am in heaven! I not only love to draw, I love drawings.
    Your little sketch looks lovely framed! I am sure it must be hard to find the spare moments to do some artwork with young children around, but even being observant is good practice. Have a great weekend!


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