Monday, July 30, 2012

our casa

I remember telling my students that we were moving.  As a curious group of second graders they asked if they could see a picture of our new house.  I pulled one up for my kiddos and I remember several of them saying "It is very old and orange Mrs. G!"  Ha!  Gotta love kids!  

We saw the potential.  Our neighborhood was built in the 60's which meant big trees and we liked that the schools were within walking distance for our beans.

Here is the work we have done so far to our exterior....

When we moved in, the front yard consisted of a maple tree and old yews that lined the front windows. I quickly ripped out the yews by hand and got to work on designing the front beds.  Our front yard garden has been a labor of love for me. 

To cut costs we painted the shutters, front door, and garage doors.  My hubby installed new exterior lights while I spray painted the mailbox and added new house numbers.

We have dreams of one day adding architectural details to the exterior of our house.  I recently came across a cool design site called  This site is geared towards homeowners who want to upgrade their exteriors by adding authentic period details that have been lost over the years.  They have great "green" options as well as a design studio that allows you to create samples for your home.  I am a SUCKER for bringing back the old!!!


Color trends for 2012

Just for funs!

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  1. A new entry would make a world of difference and add character galore. Don't you just love what comes out of the mouth of babes?

  2. Agree Agree! Kiddos are something else...they just call it as they see it!

  3. Love the new look of your home! Wish mine had details like that. There is nothing "historic" about my tract home. Boo! ;) But it is what it is and we are making the best of it!

  4. Nothing historic about mine either! You do what you can and have fun with it!


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