Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On my to dos for next year...plant Zinnias with the kids.  Their vibrant colors bring pure happiness when you're in their presence.  I have never grown them but have read that they are fairly easy to start from seed.  This will be our little spring science project!  Nothing is better then planting seeds with kids and watching them grow!
The Zinnias at the Morton Arboretum were spectacular!


I am very interested in growing 'White Wedding' through  They are known for their resistance to powdery mildew and I think they would compliment some of the greenery I have in my sunny beds (which are few and far between).

For some basic growing and care information go to

Fun project....

Try growing beans in an old CD case with your kiddos. Kids love being able to see all the action up close!


  1. Zinnias are one of my favorite annuals to grow, and yes, they are so easy! I direct sow mine into the soil--this year with the help of two of the grandkids--but they can also be started indoors. Either way, the kids love seeing these big colorful blooms that they planted. I always seem to get the seeds out later than intended so they usually bloom in August, as they are now, which is great for some color when not much else is blooming.

  2. That is so good to know! I have always admired them and this last trip to the arboretum proved to me that I must get them in the garden next year! I think that getting them in later is a good idea for the last bit of summer color like you said...good stuff!

  3. There could not be easier to grow flower out there. Starting with they are the easiest to sow seeds. There are so many series with individual colors. I think the mixed packets look like clown's pant which is not a look I can embrace. And individual colors can get boring. So I lire to blend my own combos. So for instance, I like to make a combo of lime, white and aprico6. Talk about a sophisticated look in a vase. So take two or three individual colors place say six seeds of each color in an envelope and voila you just created Patrick's Mix or if you prefer insert your own name. But regardless of your choice, I'm sure you'll enjoy themenjoy them.

  4. Hi Patrick! Thank you so much for the feedback...It is always great to learn from people who have been there and done that! And yes the Patrick's mix sounds fabulous in a vase!


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