Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A rock in the park...

On a recent trip to Vail Colorado with the fam, I soon realized that Coloradoans were on to something!  Beautiful gardens available for all to experience.  We stumbled across these gardens at a local park and I was blown away by the use of layering as well as the rocks in the gardens.  The park was set up for people to experience the garden by use of inviting stepping stones and paths around the perimeter of the park.

A stunning dry stream bed divides the space and defines the plant groupings....more dry stream bed ideas to reference below




  1. Thanks for showing us some pictures of your garden. It gives me some idea on how to improve my garden.
    synthetic grass

  2. This is the idea I have been wanting to show my hubby! We have an area between barns that would be perfect for this. And lots of field stones in the fields around us. I am copying this pic! Thanks


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