Thursday, August 25, 2011

end of week garden inspiration


  1. Hi, Nicole; thanks for dropping by my blog--it's so nice to meet you! Photos like these always inspire me, too. My garden will probably never look anything like this, but I enjoy trying to make it more of my vision each year.

    Your last post was so interesting. I attended a lecture earlier this summer by a professor at the U of I who's doing research on how nature affects children. It seems that spending regular time outdoors and being able to interact freely with nature has many beneficial effects on children, including lessening ADHD. I don't think that would surprise any of us who garden, but it's nice to know researchers are confirming what we already know. Chasing butterflies is good for all of us!:)

  2. that is some great inspiration!

  3. I just love seeing all kinds of can walk away with something from each of them!


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