Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award  by the wonderful Derrith at Tied Up In Ribbon
Thank you Derrith for acknowledging my blog!  Pop on over to see her wonderful creations!

Here are the rules for anyone receiving a Liebster Award:
1. You must tell 11 things about yourself 2. Answer the questions your nominator gives you, 3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate 4. Choose new blogs with less than 200 followers and link them to your post and 5. Please leave a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster Award blog so I can learn about you.

11 things about me..ha! Pressure!

~ I ate a 2 pound box of Fannie May chocolates {over the course of several hours} when I was 18 months old...and I didn't get sick!
~ I played the clarinet and during this time our band was chosen to perform several pieces at the Mid-West International Band and Orchestra Clinic in downtown Chicago 
~ I completed a half triathlon 
~ I love elephants

~ I traveled cross country to a bluegrass festival with one of my best pals

~ My husband was my little brother's friend...3 years younger to be exact!
~ My favorite artist is Cezanne 
~ I can make a mean meatball 
~ I enjoy everything about campfires on cool fall days

~ one of my favorite childhood memories was playing fort in a huge dirt pile with my brothers and sisters 
~ I can't wait to show my beans the world

Derrith's Questions for me....

1. What were your aspirations when you were a child?  I wanted to be anything that had design attached to designer, jewelry designer, garden designer
2. What is your favorite romantic movie?  The Notebook
3. What is your dream vacation destination?  Spain
4. Do you have a favorite book(s)? The Cabbage Moon.. most of my reads are non-fiction because I have much to learn and too little time!  
5. What is your favorite family tradition?  Christmas cookie, craft,  and sausage making at my folks house
6. How long have you been blogging?  I started in the summer of 2011 but didn't really get going until the summer of 2012
7. What do you most enjoy shopping for? HA!  Plants!
8. What pets do you have?  No pets..just plants and 3 Beans!
9. What one thing would you most like to do to change the world? work to help save the environment and our nations food supply for out kids
10. What do you collect?  rocks from all the places we have been
11. Do you prefer being indoors or outdoors?  outside digging!

My Questions for the Lovely Nominees...

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What is something that you enjoy that makes time stand still?
  3. What do you collect?
  4. What would you most like to change about the world?
  5. What is your favorite quote?
  6. If you were having a dinner party what tunes would be playing?
  7. If you could go anywhere where would it be?
  8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
  9. What is one of your favorite memories from your childhood?
  10. If you have 30 minutes of free time, what is one thing you like to do?
  11. What is your favorite time of year and why?

The blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award are...

  1. Artsy Chicks Rule
  2. Harrison Home
  3. Rindy Mae
  4. A little bit country
  5. As Long As You Have A Garden
  6. Sweethearts and Sweet Tarts
  7. Being Home
  8. Gipsy in the Parlour
  9. Mindfully Green
  10. Osie Moats
  11. My Love 2 Create
  12. Chantille Fleur
  13. Wife, Mother, Gardener


  1. Oh wow, it is so cool to see my blog on your list! Thank you! Your questions will keep me busy this weekend!

    So nice to learn a bit more about you! I love your blog, Nicole!!

  2. I think we had that same dirt pile. Was nominated in the same list with you...looks like you're also an overachiever in the "getting right on it" department - good on ya', girl! Happy Valentines Day, Nicole - XOXO Tanya

    1. Ha! I saw your name too!! Congrats to you!! And I must say I got on it so fast cause when your up all night with a 4 month old u get a lot done!!! U have a sweet day as well...made cookies with the cookie cutters u got us and they were adorable!!! Xo

  3. Congratulations, Nicole! I love your blog and it is so nice to learn a bit more about you. I love how if you could do anything it would be to save the environment! A girl after my own heart. I will have fun visiting all your blog nominations. So many little time! xoxo

  4. Thank you Nicole. I will have to start thinking.

  5. Thank you gorgeous Nicole! I love these, mainly because I am really nosey.....xo

  6. YAY Congratulations sweetie & thank-you ever so much!! My favorite thing about these posts is learning about my fellow bloggers, in a way we normally don't share.

    I really do get excited about this stuff & my mind is spinning on how to answer these...hmmm....

    Have a lovely evening Nicole ;-)

    ps, we are so much alike & I cannot wait to be outside dirty & digging!

  7. Oh thank you you sweet and lovely one. I look forward to playing along and answering all the questions and nominating others. Thank you and take care

  8. Eeeeek! Me? Really???!!! That's completely awesome. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE random tidbit posts from the blogs I read. In this crazy blogland, you only get sneak peaks at a person's personality through their every day posts. Learning extra little things about them is so fun. And I KNEW you could make a mean meatball! So jealous of that tradition you've been given. I shall take this challenge you've passed on and run with it. :o)

  9. Aww, thanks for the mention! I will work on that assignment!

    Hey, I played the Clarinet too... and the Alto Clar. at All- East Band in Baltimore. And have three kids.... but I like Monet best. You might too though when you read about his garden. Still, so much in common. Hope you sleep a little tonight! ;)

  10. That elephant pic is so cute! Congratulations! I always enjoy reading more about the person behind the blog. A woman's love of chocolate starts young! ;)

  11. Congratulations! I was relieved to see that you didn't eat the Fannie Mae while doing the Triathlon.

    1. Ha! Jason...I think I ate the whole house afterwards! I was hungry!!!

  12. Nicole, THANK YOU for your nomination and for thinking of my blog. :D Looks like I need to answer some questions. lol Loved reading your answers. :)


  13. So nice to hear interesting facts about bloggers - lets you in a little closer to know them better. You have some interesting tidbits and fun to read. Thank you for sharing with us an inside peek.

  14. Hi there lovely, How do I link the leibster logo to my blog?

    1. Hey Amber...I just right clicked on it until it was highlighted and then copied it under the edit it bar...let me know if that works for you!!!

    2. That did not work, but i have played around and yay we have success...Thank you sweet one xxx

  15. Congrats on the award! I was awarded one too a few weeks ago and I guess I really should go about doing it. But still, I never really understand this award lol

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

    I love Elephants too!

    1. You should do it lady!! I'm going to be watching for it!!!

  16. Congrats and much deserved!!! Traveling across the country to partake in some good bluegrass with best friends sounds amazing and the collecting of rocks from the various places you've been - very cool!

    Btw, I can scarf down two pounds of chocolate with no problem... It's a natural talent. ;)

  17. Congrats on your nomination! It was fun finding out a little bit more about you!

  18. it's great to know a little bit more about you!
    style frontier

  19. So fun to read your answers Nicole! Thanks for the nomination!

  20. Buenas escenas...un beso desde Murcia

  21. Congrats on the award! You deserve it. :)

  22. Nicole, my Part 1 - so much fun writing it!! Lovely day to you, my friend ;-)

  23. This is so fun! I too enjoy diggin! Just found your blog through Artsy Chicks Rule! Have a great night,
    Kaara hop on over if you get the chance ;)

  24. How fun! I enjoyed getting to know more about you, Nicole!


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