Thursday, September 6, 2012

what sparks you to create

There are things that I see and hear that spark my soul to create.  You know, they are those things that give you a RUSH of inspiration.  When you have encountered it, you suddenly feel that you can do anything.  My brother is one of my sparks.  He reminds me of what it means to be a fearless artist in this day and age of labeling and categorizing.  John works endlessly at his craft and it is 100% his own.  It would be easy for him to take the safe route with his music.  Cover songs and create songs that the "general" public would relate to.  But he won't.  He won't because he is the epitome of what a real artist is.   

My advice to myself and others is to remember your sparks and keep on creating.  It's what makes the world a beautiful place! 


  1. It is touching that you find your brother so inspiring.

  2. I love when you post about your brother. I can't believe he can be a one-man band like that. I think you have to really feel or be the music (rather than just be someone really coordinated) in order to pull that off. I'm glad he's getting press and all that play time. Love his original style!

  3. Talent runs deep in this family! I can see why he's such an inspiration to you - he's an inspiration to me...Happy Thursday, Nicole - may it be filled with music! Tanya


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