Tuesday, September 11, 2012

some fall trimmings

I am trying to do fall around here on a budget.  It is important when you have to buy diapers and fall shoes that you think of ways to make it beautiful yet practical.  So here is my attempt...

We don't get any sun on our front porch so I used willow branches that I had from Michaels to add height to this planter. 

I dug up some ivy from the side yard to add some draping.

To add color I used a coupon to purchase two shade perennials that I can plant in the yard before it gets too cold.  

Our side yard is a shared and loved space with my garden buddy Sue.  Her pines are dropping an insane amount of pinecones this year which seems odd considering how dry and hot it was.  Whatever the reason, we are taking advantage of it by making stuff!

The kids and I made pinecone garland for our fence.....

So far so good!  


  1. I love your fall planter. I, too, like to use perennials that I can remove and plant in the ground before it freezes.

    What a great idea to make pinecone garland for the fence!

  2. So glad to have found your blog - the pine cone garland is darling. And, your Fall vignette is so professional looking. Great job! -- Jan

  3. I love your planter! The willow branches really add a nice accent. I'm thinking they would look nice for a winter arrangement, too. Using perennials that you can plant in the garden later is a great way to be economical, and I always love an excuse to buy another heuchera:) The pinecone garland is so cute!

  4. I leave the perennials in the pots over winter. They are huge pots and my sedums have made it through each year. Your container is beautiful. I use the curly willow too. It really adds to the arrangement.

  5. Very pretty! And I LOVE your pincone garland...I will have to give that a try.


  6. Love the pinecone garland - what a great idea! Did you hand tie each one or does it just hang? I'm realizing that it is a very American thing to change decor based on seasons - I think this is because houses here have no storage to hold seasonal items and there are no Michaels or Targets to buy those things affordably. But I do enjoy seeing it pop up now in the US blogs as we enter Fall. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. It is always fun to meet another mommy gardener!

    Your planter is super cute and I love the garland too! Great idea to do it now and it will keep for Christmas too :) When plants are stressed they tend to produce more seeds as a survival plan... so that is probably why you have so many cones this year.

    Happy Sept!

  8. You're clever to think to build your fall containers using a mix of plants on hand and ones that can be planted out into the garden. This is much more practical than using things that end up in the compost heap. Love the pinecone garland. I may just have to steal this great idea.

  9. I love the garland! I'm definitely going to use that on my own fence :)


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