Sunday, December 2, 2012

say what?

This time of year I'm usually in full hibernation mode.  Inside my house reading gardening books and mapping out beds for next year.  Not today.  Today it's 60 degrees in Chicago.  So the kids and I were outside moving rocks around the yard to prepare an area for planting in the spring.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy being out in the mud digging with my kids but, 60 degrees in December?

Most people aren't complaining. Hey, how can you blame them?  I consider myself to be an optimist but, I think something much bigger is causing these 60 degree December days.

 Global warming is just something most don't want to hear or talk about.  

Whatever the reason for lack of concern or discussion, the optimist in me pushes forward.  Finding small things that I can do and teach my kids about reducing our carbon footprint.  My hope for the future is that our local, state, and national governments will team up to shine a larger light on this topic and make some changes.

Some books on my shelf.....

This is a wonderful read for kids and adults!  It gives  kids hands on projects and solutions that they can do in their own homes.

An intriguing book about organic gardening and what we all can do in our own gardens to make a difference.

Now on to some inspiration pictures for my corner (zone 4) redo...

My concentration being grasses against the evergreens.  Foreground options are still in the works.


  1. Boy, your garden looks great. We too had over 60° weather. Makes you wonder quite deeply.

  2. Those books look good. The weather continues to be very weird, I agree that it would be better if we stopped being in denial about climate change.

  3. Love the gorgeous garden inspiration - I just bought a new house with a lot of work to be done in the overgrown garden - so I need all the inspiration & help I can get!

  4. Those look like great books to check out! Yeah, I'm not in hibernation mode yet. By the time I get there, I'll probably be behind in the spring. This full time job thing is totally cramping my style.

  5. Wow! The golden grasses up front in the last photo are amazing! Lovely, really.

  6. Love your blog!! I am so glad I ran into you today, I think of you often and am so excited we are both blogging! And I LOVE your house, your family room is beautiful what a difference!!! And so stealing your advent idea next year it is to cute!!! Have a great holiday and I am with you on the 60 degrees in December is just wrong ;)

  7. I always like your inspiration photos. If your re-do gardens come out half as nice, they'll be fantastic. You have a great eye for design!


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